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House music is a sub genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) that was created in the early 80s by club DJs in Chicago. The Warehouse and The Paradise Garage are the iconic clubs where house did its first steps. This genre directly comes from disco except that the sounds used are deeper and rawer.

Take a listen at this famous early house track that you might know :

This genre has always aspired to break down the barriers of race and sexual preferences. Everybody was let in those clubs and could listen and dance to it, which was a breakthrough because other clubs were still segregating people.

UK garage is a very interesting sub genre. When people were looking for Sunday morning parties in the US, records were played fast to keep the crowd dancing and that’s how UK garage was born.

A good example of UK garage could be this:

Fun fact —

Dubstep was created due to a mistake by a producer that didn’t put the snare at the right time when he wanted to create UK garage.

To hear what early dubstep would sound like :


Basically, every sample that is available is in the same key (it’s in Gm for those who are interested). Writing and choosing samples in the same key was the most important thing to make everything work and sound good together. Even though it doesn’t do everything, it helped a lot.

As for the sounds, most of them are pretty neutral. There is no hard melodic riff that would be hard to match with other bass or vocals. It’s mostly chopped chords with different flavours and not a lot of melodic variety.

If you were wondering why you couldn’t put different melodies together, or different bass together… It is due to the fact that otherwise, frequencies would crush together and would’t be able to live in harmony. It would sound distorted and awful.


UNHEAR is a website offering a unique visual and sound experience. Give reign to your creativity and immerse your mind in the worlds we develop.


UNHEAR is an interactive and immersive website that aims at immersing the user in an innovative and surprising musical atmosphere. This site offers you to “create music” with pre-made samples and allows you to enjoy what you are creating musically and visually.

A sound hides more than just frequencies. UNHEAR invites you to find out more through an innovative experience. Select and put together different sounds for each music style available. Drums, bass, melodies, vocals, a multitude of combinations is possible.

You will only have to play, listen and admire.


Karl Justiniano

At the origin of the project, Karl established the communication between every members. As a front-end and 3D developer, he has imagined and created the three-dimension shapes you can play with in this experience. Multi-skilled, he gave his ideas on all fronts : web development, design and communication.

Léa Sendron

She is the scrum master but also the marketing manager of this project. Her sharp analytical mind and her legendary positive attitude allowed and helped us to work together efficiently and happily for those 2 months. We all need a Lea in our team!

Keny Zachelin

Lead developer of the project, he took care of making the website accessible and functional for all. He imagined and elaborated the structure of the project on a technical plan. He also developed the 3D environment and the user interactions.

Anatole Touvron

As a sound designer, Anatole is the manager/creator of every sound that you can hear on this website. He created and manipulated the music samples to make everything work together in any circumstances. Fond of music but especially of house music, he knows a lot about this genre and won’t mind talking about it for hours.

Marina Khan

While having a strong personality and being free minded, she is always ready to discover what's next. Photography, art, fashion, videos and animals are part of her daily life. It's within of all this that she expresses herself.

Valentin Houée

As the product owner and community manager of this experience, Valentin supervises digital communication and seeks to promote the project on many social media. Stories, Trailers, nothing will be enough to highlight its beauty. ‘I know this project, it knows me, it’s been a true love story since the very beginning.’


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